7 Questions to Ask When Looking For A Sleep Center

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Why You Should Find A Sleep Center

sleep-center-specialistSleep disorders prevent people from having a normal night’s sleep. Poor sleep can lead to serious health risks and increases the risk of car accidents and on the job injuries.  Sleep disorders include sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleepwalking, restless leg syndrome, and many other disorders.

It is generally suggested that you find a sleep center to help determine if you have a sleep disorder and if treatment is needed. A sleep specialist will perform various sleep studies to identify the cause of one’s sleep disorder and recommend proper treatment.  Selecting the right sleep center is important for getting an exact diagnosis of your condition, and appropriating correct action.

7 Questions For Finding A Sleep Disorder Center

When looking for the best sleep center in your area, it’s vital that you evaluate the centers you may visit by finding answers to these questions:

  1. Is the sleep center accredited by the Academy of Sleep Medicine? To become accredited a sleep center must comply with the standards set by the AASM. These standards include the latest advances in sleep medicine and a guarantee to provide quality care to patients.
  2. Association & Staff- is the sleep center affiliated with a hospital?
  3. Does the sleep disorder center employ medical doctors and/or dentists?
  4. Does the sleep center accept insurance coverage?
  5. Is the sleep center’s primary purpose to perform sleep studies?
  6. Is the medical director of the sleep center a certified sleep doctor?
  7. Are patients seen in a follow-up visit by a sleep specialist?

If you find a sleep center in which the answer to most of these questions is “yes”, than you should be in good hands.  It is very important that the sleep center is accredited by the AASM; this is the best gauge of quality care.

Find Out Who Owns The Sleep Center

It’s important to know who owns the sleep center you intend on visiting, as ownership dictates the abilities of the facility and the quality of treatment:

  • If owned by a physician, ensure the physician accredited by the AASM.
  • If the sleep center is hospital owned, it is preferred to visit an accredited facility. Hospitals own sleep centers to best serve nearby communities and will direct patients to health care practitioners associated with the hospital.
  • If owned by a corporation, the owners may be involved; their intent is to provide sleep studies for a profit and selling sleep related breathing disorders equipment.

Ultimately, you should find a sleep center in which an accredited sleep specialist is performing and/or evaluating your test.

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