Snoring and Sex: Stop Your Loud Snoring and Get Lucky!

Written by Manny Erlich on June 11, 2012. Posted in Blog, Helping Your Snoring Spouse

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Pretty simple concept, right?  Stop your loud snoring and you might get lucky.

Yes, you might actually improve your sex life.  After all, who wants to be sleeping with a snoring partner? Like you need me to tell you that snoring and sex lives are directly related?  My guess is: if you snore, then you already know the answer.

More and more couples are finding themselves sleeping in separate rooms all the time.  Why?  Because one of them is the snoring partner. Sleeping in separate rooms does not exactly lead to an intimate sex life – or sex at all, for that matter.

When it comes to snoring and sex, couples often enter into a vicious cycle.  Not only is one not as attracted to their loud snoring partner, the sound actually creates a variety of other issues too

Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction?  Who Would Have Thought?

But let’s take the snoring and sex connection a step further.  Did you know that snoring is linked to sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction?  That’s right, studies show that men with sleep apnea are more likely to have ED.

How are sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction related?

Snoring is often associated with sleep apnea (What Is Sleep Apnea?), and people with that condition literally stop breathing during their sleep.  These breathing interruptions are repeated over and over throughout the night, thus creating an oxygen deficiency in the body.  The lack of oxygen causes intermittent hypoxia, which can lead to ED.

Several studies have been done based on sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction hypotheses, but the most recent and largest one was conducted by Mount Sinai Medical Center with 870 men.  Results found that patients with erectile dysfunction were more than twice as likely to have sleep apnea as their normal counterparts.  Other studies have been done too, including one by the Mayo Clinic.

By the way, don’t automatically assume only men are affected.  Women are affected too.  A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that women age 28 to 64 with sleep apnea were significantly more likely to suffer from loss of libido and sexual dysfunction.

It’s Not Just Sex.  Other Ways Snoring and Sex Affect Your Relationship

Being a snorer , having sleep apnea or sleeping with asnoring partnermay also make you tired and irritable throughout the day because you failed to get a good night’s sleep.  Fatigue will inhibit your sexual drive and desire for intimacy. So one or both of you are often tired, exhausted and irritable. Whether it’s you or a snoring partner that’s making noise at night, both can experience the fatigue. No doubt these feelings can put a damper on your sexual relationship.

Here’s another little tidbit that may surprise you:  Sleep apnea is not only linked to sexual dysfunction, but it’s also linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and other serious health conditions that can be life threatening.

So think about getting some help for your snoring and sex situation if you or your partner is affected by loud snoring.  You’ll not only improve your libido and your relationship, you may just save a life, too.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

Learn how to stop snoring.  And you might just get lucky – in more ways than one!

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