What to Do if Your Roommate Snores?

Written by Manny Erlich on September 6, 2012. Posted in Blog, Helping Your Snoring Spouse

Have a Snoring Roommate?

Anticipation and excitement fills the air as you’re headed away to college for your freshmen year. There are a million in one questions floating around inside your head; with “What to do if your roommate snores?” most likely not being one of them. Remember all the forms and questions you or your children had to fill out when choosing a matching roommate? Are you a night person or a morning person? Are you messy or neat? There are questions on everything ranging from study habits, to music, to food and even sexual behavior. You know the one question that’s almost always overlooked? Do you snore?


Finding out if your roommate snores ahead of time

Snoring is a huge issue among college roommates. Even if someone knows they snore, they might not come clean when answering questions that match students together. Just think. You’re up all night because your roommate snores. You can’t fall asleep. The next day you’re exhausted. You nod off in class. You can’t focus when studying. You become irritable. You begin to resent your roommate… Now you’re trying to answer the question, what to do if your roommate snores?

My Roommate Snores. What Can I Do?

Who would have thought that something that seems so insignificant could make you so miserable? But it does. And it can really destroy a year. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with a college roommate who snores. You may want to get yourself some noise canceling headphones, or simple ear plugs. Better yet, have a discussion with your roommate about how to stop snoring. Tell them how it’s affecting you, and that it’s probably affecting them too, even though they might not realize it. There are lots of remedies to stop snoring. You can suggest that they try sleeping on their side. Sleeping on your back tends to block the air passages and worsen snoring.

Alternate Solutions if My Roommate Snores

Keep in mind that alcohol can cause snoring, so if you’re roommate says they like to “party”, you might think twice about rooming with that person. Mouth-guards are known to prevent or reduce snoring. Often times a dentist will be able to custom fit you with an oral appliance that will stop or reduce snoring. What to do if your roommate snores is a common question, but solutions can be tricky. If their snoring is the result of some form of sleep apnea, it’s quite possible that a number of medical risks can come into play. You’ll be doing them a huge favor by suggesting that they seek help for their snoring. College should be a learning experience and a life experience. Don’t let a snoring roommate ruin it for you.

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