How to Avoid Snoring on a Plane

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What most people don’t realize is that not only is the snorer annoying, but she or he could be at grave risk.

 Snoring-on-a-Plane Just this past February a man snoring on a plane from Denver to Salt Lake City died. Passengers noticed the man snoring loudly. They said he appeared to move and then the snoring stopped. He stopped breathing. When they realized something was wrong, they began to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived on the ground. Unfortunately, the man died. While the cause of death has not been disclosed, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea and can be indicative of a number of serious health risks associated with heart issues, strokes and various other medical conditions. While flying, snoring may exacerbate some of these issues. Why is this?

Ways to Prevent Snoring: Change Your Diet

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Snoring is generally caused by an obstruction of our nasal passages and airways. During sleep our throat muscles relax resulting in our jaw and tongue to fall back narrowing the size of our airways causing airflow limitation and turbulence. Air is forced to flow through a smaller gap, making our soft tissue on the upper airway to vibrate (usually during inhalation) causing the snoring noise.

 What we eat can cause our snoring or help to stop snoring. For one, being overweight can cause snoring. We are more likely to snore if we are obese particularly if we have a large amount of fat around the neck. A collar size of 17 inches or more (in men) may mean our muscle tone is insufficient to keep our airways open during sleep.

 Weight Loss by dieting, exercising and getting rid of the excess body fat can help stop snoring. Keeping a food and exercise diary may be a good way to help start shedding those excess pounds.

 The types of food we eat can sometimes cause snoring problems.

 Dairy Products: Avoid dairy products. Dairy products can increase the mucus in our nasal passages causing restricted airflow in our airways. In lieu of having a glass of warm milk before bedtime, have a cup of warm apple cider or tea. And avoiding cheese or ice cream before going to sleep unless of course they are dairy free can help stop snoring.

 Alcohol: Alcohol relaxes the muscles that help keep the throat open thus causing the restricting of the airways. As a result the palate tissues vibrate more causing us to snore. Abstaining from drinking alcohol 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep can also help stop snoring.

The Top 5 Most Common Solutions to End Snoring

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The Best Snoring Solutions For Most Snorers

There are tons of anti-snoring solutions that work in the marketplace today. However, many of these products are tailored to help only a small percentage of the population. There are more general solutions that have helped the larger majority of the snoring population curb their snoring. While many people are searching for the best snoring solutions, here are 5 common approaches, mostly natural approaches, that have helped millions of people.

Five Strategies For Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties To Control Your Snoring

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Weight Loss And Snoring: Control Both This Holiday Season

Holiday partying is predictable: delicious food, stimulating conversation, lots of fun, and a few extra pounds.  Must there be consequences?  Besides the likely weight gain, you may find yourself starting to snore or snoring more intently. Weight loss and snoring go hand-in-hand. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle hinder breathing, making weight loss during holidays a smart personal goal. Below are some 5 simple strategies for enjoying your holiday parties and avoiding the extra pounds and snores.