Five Strategies For Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties To Control Your Snoring

Written by Manny Erlich on December 6, 2012. Posted in Blog, How To Stop Snoring

Weight Loss And Snoring: Control Both This Holiday Season

Holiday partying is predictable: delicious food, stimulating conversation, lots of fun, and a few extra pounds.  Must there be consequences?  Besides the likely weight gain, you may find yourself starting to snore or snoring more intently. Weight loss and snoring go hand-in-hand. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle hinder breathing, making weight loss during holidays a smart personal goal. Below are some 5 simple strategies for enjoying your holiday parties and avoiding the extra pounds and snores.

Five Strategies For Natural Weight Loss And Snoring Remedy

snoring and weight loss1. Have A Plan

Before you go to any party, ask what is on the menu so you can plan out what you are going to eat.  Offer to bring something healthy like vegetables, or a low-fat snack. Don’t arrive starving so that you feel justified to overeat.  Avoid mindless grazing.

2. Be Selective

To achieve weight loss during holidays, one should skip the usual (you’ve had white rolls, pretzels, cheese, crackers and pasta before!)  Instead, splurge on the food that is new or special.  Remember: the first two bites are the best–then leave the rest.

3. Fill Up On Conversation

Don’t eat to pass the time; focus on engaging with others.  If you can’t think of what to say ask a lot of questions—people love to talk about themselves, and you may deepen your connections with friends or family. Also, step away from the food and keep your back to the buffet table.

4. Portion Control

Drink from small glasses and use small plates if possible.  We tend to eat what is on our plates whether we are hungry or not. One should never eat out of the serving bowl—always put the pieces on your plate so you can keep track of what you’re consuming.  Chew slowly and benefit from feeling fuller with less fatigue.

5. Know Thy Enemy

Problem with most holiday eating is the amount of sugar we consume.  Excess sugar causes the body to store fat, creates cravings later on and crowds out the nutritious food.  Instead, choose slow-digesting food like vegetables and protein.

How To Control Snoring Naturally Through Healthy

Many times people look to the quick and easy solutions for their problems. Snoring is a very complicated condition, one which requires serious attention. Weight loss and snoring go hand in hand. The better your nutrition, the less likely you are to snore.  Pay very close attention to your nutrition during this holiday season.  Eating healthy is the key to weight loss during holidays (and not snoring). If you are looking for some personalized health and nutrition guidance, you can visit Sharon Goldner’s website at

However, many times snorers eat healthy and their snoring still persists. If this is you, it may be best to visit a sleep center for a full evaluation.

Sharon Goldner is a certified Health Counselor and Chef.  Looking for more healthy recipes and strategies? You can visit our Nutrion Advice Page for more contributions by Sharon or contact Sharon directly at


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