How to Increase Productivity: Sleep More Deeply!

Written by Manny Erlich on March 26, 2013. Posted in Blog, How To Stop Snoring

Last week we posted an article entitled, The Importance of Sleep.  In that article, we mentioned that “research studies have shown people are less effective when they lack sleep.”  Just stop and think about that for a minute.  It’s a powerful statement.  But it’s not just a statement.  It’s a fact.  A powerful fact.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Are You Tired Every Day? 

There’s a good chance that people who snore are sleep deprived – especially if they have sleep apnea.  In fact, you may have some form of apnea and not even know it.

Snoring is often associated with sleep apnea (keep in mind that sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed), and could be a sign that your air passageways might be restricted.  That means you may not be getting enough air when you sleep.  As a result you may be experiencing short gasps of air that interrupt your sleep.  These gasps for more air can occur 20-30 times per hour.  In some cases, up to 400 times per night!  And whether you know it or not, you are actually waking yourself up when you can’t get enough air.

So now ask yourself…”why am I so tired in the morning?  Exhausted throughout the day?  Unable to concentrate or focus?  Less effective than I know I can be?”  You’re not functioning at 100%.  Sometimes far less. So how can you increase your productivity?

Tony Schwartz Says, Sleep More!

Tony Schwartz is CEO of The Energy Project.  He has developed a business around productivity and consults for several large companies such as Google.  He says that we can increase productivity with longer sleep hours, short afternoon naps, daytime work-outs, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations.  He’s built a premise around productivity and “renewal” and identified lots of nifty ideas to essentially, recharge your jets and become more productive.

His ideas have merit, but we believe it all starts with a good night of sleep – a strong component to Schwartz’s approach.  There are lots of studies that show how sleep affects performance, whether you’re an Average Joe office worker or a highly trained professional athlete.  In fact, just this past year, several NFL teams started to hire sleep experts, including the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.  They know that sleeping better is critical to peak performance.

How to Stop Snoring, Sleep Better, and Increase Your Productivity

Tony Schwartz talks about the top four habits that help him increase his productivity and get more work done.  At the top of his list is the following:

“Keep a specific BEDTIME at night and have at least 8hrs of sleep. Nothing is more fundamental or critical to the way I feel every day.” 

We would add one clarification to this.  Seek a solution to your snoring.  Most likely, you’re not getting a good night’s sleep if you snore – and certainly not the equivalent of 8 hours.  And certainly your bed partner or roommate wishes they were sleeping more deeply and getting a better night’s sleep. Snoring/lack of sleep will diminish your productivity in all aspects of your life and affect your health in many ways with adverse effects that can lead to potential heart attacks, diabetes, and a variety of other major health risks.

If you can find a way to sleep more deeply by addressing your sleep deprivation, you will not only become more productive, but you will improve your quality of life.

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