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Written by Manny Erlich on June 25, 2013. Posted in Blog, How To Stop Snoring

8 Tips to Help You Sleep Peacefully

Many of us can learn how to stop snoring if we allow ourselves to change our daily habits. Here are 8 ways to stop or help reduce your snoring at night:

 1.     Stop Smoking: For those of us who smoke, it’s time to quit. Smoking irritates the throat and can cause it to swell thereby blocking the airways and leading us to snore.

2.     Avoid Sleeping Pills: Sleeping pills may help us to fall asleep; however, they can also cause us to snore. Sleeping pills relax the muscles in our nose and throat. As the nasal passages become narrower airflow is restricted causing us to snore.

 3.     Elevate Your Head: Keeping your head elevated will help reduce snoring. Use a pillow that gives you more neck support and also gives you a higher head position.  A higher pillow will help you keep the airways open and stop the throat from being contracted. You’ll be breathing easier when you learn how to stop snoring.

 4.     Try Yoga: Doing yoga may help reduce snoring. Yoga for snoring helps you breath more evenly and as a result reduce your snoring. Doing yoga not only keeps your lungs and nasal passages clear, it can also reduce your stress levels.

 5.     Avoid Alcohol:Avoid drinking alcohol or eating dairy if you snore.  Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles affecting the opening of the airways in your throat and dairy can build mucous in your throat affecting the airways as well.

 6.     Sleep on Your Side: Sleeping on your side can help reduce or stop snoring altogether.  When we lie on our back our throat and tongue muscles can collapse and block the airways causing us to snore.

 7.     Use a Humidifier: Inhaling steam or using a humidifier can clear nasal congestion and help you breathe easier. Congested sinuses restrict the airflow through your nasal passages causing you to snore.

 8.     Something Sweet, Honey? Oddly enough having a spoonful or two of honey prior to going to bed is said to help reduce or end your snoring. No one is sure why honey works as an effective treatment, but many people swear that it does.

 There are more self-help remedies to help you stop snoring. Visit Snoring 101 for additional suggestions. 

 A good night’s sleep is a key ingredient for maintaining good health. It’s important to understand why you snore, ensure you don’t have sleep apnea and realize that your snoring also adversely affects your bed partner’s well being.

 The time to take action is now!

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