Hurricane Sandy Evacuees Lack Natural Snoring Remedies

Written by Manny Erlich on November 21, 2012. Posted in Blog, In The News

Natural Snoring Remedies Needed During Natural Disaster


When Hurricane Sandy’s devastating blows struck, many people were forced into shelters, gymnasiums, and evacuation centers. Large groups of people lived and slept together for several days.  For those stuck in such turmoil, sleep was the last thing on anybody’s mind and it was even harder to achieve because of all of the snorers packed into the same room.

According to estimates, almost half of the population snores, if not more.  Envision yourself in a hurricane evacuation shelter with 50 people – and 25 of them are snoring while you are trying to get some rest. With these displaced snorers deprived of their anti-snoring devices, only those relying on natural snoring remedies could tone down their snoring.

Of those snorers stuck in one of the Hurricane Sandy evacuation centers, most were not equipped with their anti-snoring devices or purely lacked the knowledge to alleviate their snoring. Many of the natural snoring remediesrequire simple fixes, but it takes a while to find what works for each individual.

Learning How To Stop Snoring Naturally

Not many people were too concerned with the health effects of snoring during this troublesome time, but serious attention should be now be directed as normalcy resumes. First, these snorers should look to find natural snoring remedies that could help them stop snoring.

Starting with simple lifestyle changes such as losing weight is one of the main solutions.  The throat passage tends to narrow in overweight people, not allowing enough air to pass through which causes the vibration in your throat and results in snoring.

Sleeping on your side instead of on your back is another approach that may help reduce snoring.  Other lifestyle changes can help too, such as the foods you eat, not eating close to bedtime, and avoiding drinking alcohol.

Alternatives To Natural Snoring Remedies

Learning to stop snoring naturally can be very challenging and may not work for all people.  There are many other ways to tackle this issue. A good course of action would be to seek professional help to at least diagnose their problem.  A doctor (e.g. ENT) or dentist would be a good start.  Many dentists have some knowledge about snoring and breathing disorders.  Many are actually trained to treat and stop snoring.

Regardless, everyone should address snoring seriously, for the sake of their health or loved ones.  Learn how to stop snoring naturally in our dedicated article section.

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