The Snore Stopping Superbed Changing the Way We Sleep At Night

Written by Manny Erlich on January 22, 2014. Posted in In The News


New Technologies Helping You to Catch up On Sleep

There’s nothing worse than having someone keep you awake at night by their snoring or restlessness. You feel every movement of their shifting body and you can’t tune out their snores even with the use of earplugs. When they wake up in the morning, they have had a full night’s rest while you groggily sip 5 cups of coffee trying to get your day started.

Sleep Number Has the Answer with the Snore Stopping Superbed

What would you say about a bed that can monitor the movements of the people laying on it and make adjustments so both people can get a full night’s rest? That is exactly what the new Sleep Number’s Snore Stopping Bed claims to do. Unveiled at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, this bed can monitor how a person sleeps, make adjustments, and send information through a convenient tablet app so that people can use to find out how restful their night’s sleep had been, according to BBC News.

How the Snore Stopping Superbed Works

Medical Daily reports that the Snore Stopping Superbed has the Sleep Number’s SleepIQ technology embedded in two mattresses. It gathers information on sleeping patterns for each person that can be reviewed on a tablet device. It can tell each person exactly how much they fidget in bed, and whether the other person has had a restless night caused by the other person’s fidgeting. It offers tips on how to maximize sleeping behavior as people can adjust the bed’s firmness settings on their side.

The coolest thing about this bed is how it addresses the dreaded nighttime snorer. A person can set the bed to gently move them up and down during the night. This movement will help open the snorer’s air passages without waking them up the way a traditional jab of an elbow would. Also, the bed’s settings can be changed with voice commands to eliminate the need to get out of from under the sheets as both people can get a great night’s sleep.


Stop Losing Sleep with These New Technologies

As new technologies are rolled out, people will have choices on the best methods for them to get a good night’s sleep. Keep the Snore Stopping Superbed from Sleep Number on your radar if you are dealing with a snorer in the bedroom.


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