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Snoring isn't fun and it affects millions of people. We thought we'd share information to help you understand what causes snoring and how you might minimize or eliminate snoring. This site is about you--we're just the organizers. So please come often, read, share, learn and sleep better.

The Importance of a Snoring Quiz or Sleep Study

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Sleep Center

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Taking a snoring quiz might not seem important at first, but it can have a positive impact on your health because it provides the opportunity to learn more about your sleep habits and make positive changes. The results of a snoring quiz can provide you with an incentive and reason for having a sleep study.

What is a Sleep Study?

A sleep study refers to any scientific or medical study that occurs while you are asleep. A medical facility takes measures to ensure that you can sleep in a safe location and sets up appropriate machinery based on the symptoms and concerns that you describe.

A sleep study can help identify if you have any physical concerns that may be contributing to snoring, sleep apnea or other potential health issues associated with sleeping. WebMD states that a sleep study will usually take place in a sleep lab at a hospital or medical facility, but some studies may also be done in the comfort of your home with appropriate equipment.

Importance of the Study

Sleep studies are an important part of identifying the problems that you are having during sleep so that you can determine the best treatment for your needs. For example, if you are snoring and it is causing you to wake up at night, then the sleep study can help determine if you have sleep apnea.

Harvard Medical School states that sleep is important for your health. The problems that can arise when you don’t get enough sleep include:

  • Mood swings
  • Poor memory
  • Lack of concentration
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increased risk of getting sick

Sleep studies are not only provided to individuals who are struggling to fall asleep or who do not feel rested after sleeping for the entire night. Sleep studies may also be useful if  your snoring is keeping your spouse or partner awake at night causing them to be sleep deprived.

Identifying problems that are preventing you or your bed partner from getting a good night’s sleep can play an essential role in improving the quality of your sleep and the quality of your life.

Taking a Snoring Quiz

Taking a snoring quiz can help you identify potential problems so that it is possible to make the decision to seek medical assistance.

Sleep is essential for your health and overall well-being. Whether you want to improve your moods, reduce your risk of getting sick or even just want to feel rested, it is important to identify the underlying causes of your lack of sleep. A sleep quiz can be the the first step toward realizing you should consider a sleep study or seeing a medical doctor who is a sleep specialist.


Do You Want to Sleep On-The-Go? Try out these Travel Sleep Aid Solutions

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Whether you are tucked cozily into your own bed or off on an adventure in a foreign land, sleep is always precious. All too often, weary travelers fail to get the appropriate amount of sleep. This inability to catch a few z’s could be due to: loud noises, uncomfortable travel arrangements, or a distracting amount of light. We have a few product solutions that just might help you catch up on some much needed rest!

Neck Pillows

According to, when it comes to traveling on an airplane a neck pillow is a must have. Did you know that you can always turn a neck pillow around, so that your chin rests on top and your head leans against your seat? This little trick is sure to help you find a more comfortable position whether you are stuck next to a loud passenger or comfortably reclining in your seat.

  • Evolution Pillow: This travel neck pillow features a removable cover, memory foam, side pocket for iPod storage, and a toggle tie to keep the pillow comfortably in place. This luxurious neck pillow can be worn in a number of different fashions and is sure to help you peacefully doze off on your next flight.
  • Eagle Creek Pillow: This inflatable travel pillow provides soft and comforting support to your neck while you sleep. It also features a machine washable cover, so that you can easily wash away any airplane germs.

Are loud travel noises keeping you from dozing off?

There is nothing quite as annoying as attempting to sleep, while traveling, and being startled awake by loud noises. While earplugs can help to block out the noises of your fellow travelers, did you know that Earplanes can help you (or your child) sleep more soundly? Earplanes are specially designed to relieve inner ear pain. This means that when your child is ready to fall asleep, they can comfortably remain asleep rather than suffering from ear popping, crackling, or other discomforting sensations. And as any parent knows, when your child is happily sleeping, you too can catch a few extra z’s!

Block out distractions to help you sleep more soundly!

When we travel there are far too many visual stimuli. These distractions range from bright lights to the shining screens of electronic gadgets. In order to help you sleep more soundly the Independent Traveler, an online traveling source, recommends that you wear an eye mask when attempting to sleep on an airplane. If you don’t already own an eye mask, check out the product below:

  • The Silk Eye Shade is very comfortable. Blocks out the light and is made from 100 percent Chinese silk. It is also cool and lightweight, which means that you can sleep without feeling like you are wearing any type of mask!

No matter which solution you choose for your travel sleep aid, be sure to allow yourself enough time to fall asleep, gain some restful z’s, and properly wake-up before you arrive at your destination!

The Snore Stopping Superbed Changing the Way We Sleep At Night

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New Technologies Helping You to Catch up On Sleep

There’s nothing worse than having someone keep you awake at night by their snoring or restlessness. You feel every movement of their shifting body and you can’t tune out their snores even with the use of earplugs. When they wake up in the morning, they have had a full night’s rest while you groggily sip 5 cups of coffee trying to get your day started.

Sleep Number Has the Answer with the Snore Stopping Superbed

What would you say about a bed that can monitor the movements of the people laying on it and make adjustments so both people can get a full night’s rest? That is exactly what the new Sleep Number’s Snore Stopping Bed claims to do. Unveiled at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, this bed can monitor how a person sleeps, make adjustments, and send information through a convenient tablet app so that people can use to find out how restful their night’s sleep had been, according to BBC News.

How the Snore Stopping Superbed Works

Medical Daily reports that the Snore Stopping Superbed has the Sleep Number’s SleepIQ technology embedded in two mattresses. It gathers information on sleeping patterns for each person that can be reviewed on a tablet device. It can tell each person exactly how much they fidget in bed, and whether the other person has had a restless night caused by the other person’s fidgeting. It offers tips on how to maximize sleeping behavior as people can adjust the bed’s firmness settings on their side.

The coolest thing about this bed is how it addresses the dreaded nighttime snorer. A person can set the bed to gently move them up and down during the night. This movement will help open the snorer’s air passages without waking them up the way a traditional jab of an elbow would. Also, the bed’s settings can be changed with voice commands to eliminate the need to get out of from under the sheets as both people can get a great night’s sleep.


Stop Losing Sleep with These New Technologies

As new technologies are rolled out, people will have choices on the best methods for them to get a good night’s sleep. Keep the Snore Stopping Superbed from Sleep Number on your radar if you are dealing with a snorer in the bedroom.


How to Design a Sleep Friendly Home

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Creating the most sleep friendly environment possible is critical for those who suffer from the effects of snoring. If you are a snorer or the loved one of a snorer, here are some tips to consider for creating a sleep friendly situation in your home.


You may think that complete silence would be ideal for sleeping but according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), that is not true. Many people used to living in a noisy city would find it difficult to sleep in the silence of the country. Others may actually sleep better with a radio playing softly or with the ticking of a familiar clock. Others can benefit from the white noise of a fan or a specific white noise creating device.


Creating a sleep friendly environment for someone who sleeps at least partially during daylight hours can be enhanced with blackened blinds, shades or curtains. This is an investment that is well worth the cost.

Room Temperature

The NSF says that most people sleep best in temperatures between 54 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say that cooler temperatures in a room can greatly enhance sleep. A window or ceiling fan could provide both cooler temperatures and ambient noise.

Getting Comfortable

Take time to try out different mattresses, anti snoring pillows and sheet and comforter sets. Many people use the same pillow for years without even knowing that could be part of the problem. You’ll also want to assure your mattress size is large enough to comfortably accommodate those who will be using it.

Use the Right Colors in Your Bedroom

The U.K.’s Daily Mail had a recent article on the effects of color on sleep, and found that those with blue bedrooms generally got a better night’s sleep. Since the color purple tends to stir creativity and the imagination, it was judged as the least likely choice for a solid night’s rest.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Using ancient Feng Shui principles in arranging your bedroom may offer comfort. Those include putting your headboard against a solid wall away from the door. It also includes utilizing rounded edges to soften the room. Feng Shui promoters would also encourage limiting clutter in your sleeping area.

You can create a friendlier sleep environment but it will take some time and effort. Finding the right combination can provide the new level of sleep you may be longing for.


How to Avoid Snoring on a Plane

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What most people don’t realize is that not only is the snorer annoying, but she or he could be at grave risk.

 Snoring-on-a-Plane Just this past February a man snoring on a plane from Denver to Salt Lake City died. Passengers noticed the man snoring loudly. They said he appeared to move and then the snoring stopped. He stopped breathing. When they realized something was wrong, they began to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived on the ground. Unfortunately, the man died. While the cause of death has not been disclosed, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea and can be indicative of a number of serious health risks associated with heart issues, strokes and various other medical conditions. While flying, snoring may exacerbate some of these issues. Why is this?

Ways to Prevent Snoring: Change Your Diet

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, How To Stop Snoring

Snoring is generally caused by an obstruction of our nasal passages and airways. During sleep our throat muscles relax resulting in our jaw and tongue to fall back narrowing the size of our airways causing airflow limitation and turbulence. Air is forced to flow through a smaller gap, making our soft tissue on the upper airway to vibrate (usually during inhalation) causing the snoring noise.

 What we eat can cause our snoring or help to stop snoring. For one, being overweight can cause snoring. We are more likely to snore if we are obese particularly if we have a large amount of fat around the neck. A collar size of 17 inches or more (in men) may mean our muscle tone is insufficient to keep our airways open during sleep.

 Weight Loss by dieting, exercising and getting rid of the excess body fat can help stop snoring. Keeping a food and exercise diary may be a good way to help start shedding those excess pounds.

 The types of food we eat can sometimes cause snoring problems.

 Dairy Products: Avoid dairy products. Dairy products can increase the mucus in our nasal passages causing restricted airflow in our airways. In lieu of having a glass of warm milk before bedtime, have a cup of warm apple cider or tea. And avoiding cheese or ice cream before going to sleep unless of course they are dairy free can help stop snoring.

 Alcohol: Alcohol relaxes the muscles that help keep the throat open thus causing the restricting of the airways. As a result the palate tissues vibrate more causing us to snore. Abstaining from drinking alcohol 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep can also help stop snoring.

Have A Sleep Disorder? Consult With A Specialist, Not Google

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Finding Sleep Information Online Is No Substitute for Visiting a Sleep Specialist

Searching the internet for medical and health information is more common today than ever before. With websites like RealAge, WebMD and among others recording millions of visitors per month, it is apparent that we have become reliant on Googling illnesses, slepping disorders as well as, symptoms for guidance. Studies show that 80% of adults who use the internet have searched the web for medical or health information, many of whom have searched for better sleep information.

Can Snoring Ruin A Relationship?

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How Your Partner’s Snoring Can Be Solved

Don’t let snoring destroy your relationship when everything about your partner is all you ever dreamed of in someone. Work together to put your snoring spouse or partner to bed. Use this moment to strengthen your bond and connection. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Be patient and sensitive; your partner is likely feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.

Practicing Yoga as A Natural Snoring Remedy

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Using Yoga For Snoring Treatment

One of the most common and effective ways to reduce or eliminate snoring is to lose weight.  That may mean altering your diet but as we all know exercise is a critical component too – not just for losing weight, but for your overall health and well-being.  However, even if you’re not overweight, you can still have a snoring problem. Overweight or not, one of the best ways to end snoringis through yoga.  Breathing techniques are often cited as effective ways to reduce snoring and if you know anything about yoga, you know it’s fundamentally based on breathing techniques.  Just as singing or playing a wind instrument can help to strengthen the muscles of your throat, so can yoga.