Have A Sleep Disorder? Consult With A Specialist, Not Google

Written by Manny Erlich on May 28, 2013. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Finding Sleep Information Online Is No Substitute for Visiting a Sleep Specialist

Searching the internet for medical and health information is more common today than ever before. With websites like RealAge, WebMD and Wellness.com among others recording millions of visitors per month, it is apparent that we have become reliant on Googling illnesses, slepping disorders as well as, symptoms for guidance. Studies show that 80% of adults who use the internet have searched the web for medical or health information, many of whom have searched for better sleep information.

Educate Yourself Through Web Browsing; Get Treatment From A Professional


Search engines do help millions of people discover information pertinent to their medical situation and provide a wealth of outlets for discussion, such as forums and directories. However, many people try to diagnose their own conditions. This leads to misdiagnosis, which can the lead to mistreatment which will worsen one’s situation.

The internet is best used to educate, but only professional doctors and specialists have the necessary training to diagnose and prescribe treatment. Technology is moving at an incredibly fast pace, but it is no way a substitute for the medically trained professionals that have spent years diagnosing and treating persons.

Therefore, when searching the web for information on sleeping and stop snoring advice, take everything with a grain of salt. People get very anxious reading about all of the terrible medical conditions that they don’t have. Educate yourself to a certain extent. Once you have an understanding of possible medical conditions, identify a specialist in your area that deals within that realm. Use a sleep center directory search or trustworthy website to find a practitioner near you- then take action, pick up the phone!

Online Information For Sleep Disorders Treatment

Snoreworld provides wide ranging resources for those in need of sleep information, anti-snoring advice, and sleep disorder classifications.  We want to educate you about snoring, suggest what can be done to possibly stop the snoring, and if the self-help remedies do not work, provide alternative solutions.

We discuss the short and long-term health risks associated with not seeking treatment. However, if the self-help solutions we discuss do not work, we will help you discover a sleep study at a professional sleep center or lab that can better help.

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