Why Every CPAP User Must Own A CPAP Battery Backup

Written by Manny Erlich on December 11, 2012. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Do You Need A CPAP Battery Backup For Your CPAP?


I’ve often wondered what happens when CPAP users suddenly lose power in the middle of the night.  Whether it’s the usual power outage, or one of those “once a century” storms that seem to be occurring with surprising frequency (e.g. Hurricane Irene; Sandy), CPAP users must be prepared. During prolonged power outages, most CPAP users were without power and did not have a CPAP battery backup option. Even those prepared with generators were probably hesitant to power their CPAP devices, as they may have needed power for other purposes.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP therapy is a treatment for people with breathing problems including sleep apnea and snoring.  These conditions can cause health risks for those with such breathing problems.  CPAP users generally use it to combat daytime sleepiness, lower blood pressure, fight coronary artery disease, or stop snoring.

A CPAP Battery Pack Can Save Your Health

So what do CPAP users do when the power goes out, and needs a CPAP battery packor backup? Or a person goes camping with a CPAP?  In most cases, these users do nothing at all.  Knowingly or not, these people are putting their health at even greater risk by not being able to use CPAP during these periods without power.

The first step a CPAP user should take is to purchase a CPAP Battery Packor check to see if your CPAP unit has battery-operated backup.  Many units today come with CPAP battery backup.  If you need to acquire a backup, look for a one of these brands: Remstar, AEIO Medeverst, IntelliPAP, Sandman, and Zzzz-Pap.

If you have a unit that doesn’t have battery power, you might simply need an adapter or an inverter.  It might be as simple as paying a visit to Radio Shack.  There are also lots of places online, such as Amazon, where you can buy a complete battery pack which includes a battery, adapter, connectors, and a case (make sure it’s compatible with your unit).

Be Prepared, Get A CPAP Backup Today

It’s good to keep in mind that these batteries can often weigh over 2 lbs. if you’re traveling or camping with a CPAP, this is important to take note of.  Additionally, one must realize that prices can exceed $500 for high end CPAP battery backups.  Most important, remember that most of these batteries will only get you through usually one, two or three nights before needing to be charged again.

As always, it’s best to check with your doctor or sleep professional when considering your sleeping and CPAP needs.

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