Do Nasal Strips Work for Most People?

Written by Manny Erlich on October 8, 2012. Posted in Blog, Stop Snoring Product Spotlight

Using Nasal Strips to Help Control Your Snoring


All athletes look for a competitive edge. While most professional football players use eye black to help block glare, some use it solely for intimidation purposes. However, many players are now utilizing a very helpful product – nasal strips. Although less intimidating, more and more players in the NFL seem to be wearing them. Many onlookers are probably wondering do nasal strips work, and what do they actually do.

Nasal strips look like narrow Band-Aid strips worn across the nose. One of the major brands, Breathe Right Nasal Strips claims to reduce snoring, nasal congestion and help you breath better. Ultimately, it is common to see people use nasal strips for snoring treatment. Athletes specifically use nasal strips to facilitate breathing, and so can those looking for how to control snoring. These nasal strips are drug free and clinically proven to lift nasal passages to open your nose for greater air flow.

Can Nasal Strips for Snoring Purposes Actually Work?

Many people that have used nasal stripsas a snoring device have found them affective. Others that say they’re not all that effective. While it is the nature of reviews to vary in opinion, a recent study among snorers states otherwise. In this study, 75% of the participants found nasal strips to reduce or eliminate their bed partners snoring.

Do nasal strips work is a tough question to answer as snoring is unique to every individual and one snoring device does not fit all. You may have to try different snoring solutions to see what works best for you. Keep in mind it’s always good to seek professional advice (dentist, ENT, etc.) due to the health risks associated with snoring.

We’re very impressed by the versatility of these nasal strip products. They must work quite well for a lot of people as this product is a top seller. They are also an inexpensive solution, which is great for those looking for how to control snoring without breaking the bank. If athletes wear them to increase air flow and enhance performance, it stands to reason that they can also be effective for stopping snoring because most complications start in the nose rather than the throat. For those who have tried nasal strips, we’d love to hear your feedback; do nasal strips work for you?

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