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You’ll receive our easy to play therapy-grade didgeridoo (as pictured above) along with a 1 Hour Tutorial DVD, Mouthpiece Protector, and a 2 oz Spray Bottle of DidgeriClean to keep the mouthpiece of your didgeridoo sanitized. The didgeridoo in this package is the same one to be used at a proposed clinical trial at USC, a follow-up to the original Sleep Apnea & Didgeridoo study at the University of Zurich.

Made in the USA, our modern didgeridoo offers a bright and cavernous acoustic. It’s about four feet in length and two inches in diameter with an expertly shaped mouthpiece that’s sanded smooth and sized to an opening of about 1.25 inches to fit your lips perfectly (no beeswax needed). Hand crafted from a light in weight yet virtually indestructible polyresin. Rain, sun, or freezing temperatures are no worries. Perfect for a beginner and the #1 choice for Sleep Apnea Therapy.

Your improved health and satisfaction is our goal. We want you to benefit from this proven therapy and share your results with others.

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