Evolution Pillow

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  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam under a soft, removable cover
  • Toggle closure to keep the pillow exactly where you want it
  • Comes with memory foam earplugs and travel pouch

The Evolution Pillow from Cabeau is one of the most comfortable neck pillows we’ve come across. Made from an ever-so-comfortable memory foam, the pillow cradles your head perfectly for sleeping and relaxing – even in cramped airline seats. And a toggle tie on the front means the pillow won’t slip while you’re asleep. You can even twist it to the side or completely around to hold your head in whatever position is most comfortable. A slip pocket on the side is perfect for holding your iPod or mp3 player, so you can lull yourself to sleep with music. Or, if you prefer silence, the Evolution pillow comes with a pair of deluxe memory foam earplugs. It also comes with a handy little travel pouch that you can squeeze the pillow into. It has a snap loop on the top so you can attach the pillow to the outside of your purse or carry-on bag, saving the valuable space inside for other items.

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