Put An End To Your Snoring

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Sleep Apnea Symptoms & Treatments, Snoring 101

Snoring may be a minor nuisance or a serious health risk or relationship breaker. In this article you will learn about some of the more common snoring causes and snoring rememdies.

Snoring may be as little as an occasional rumble to a consistent hair-raising thunder show. The cause, however, is always the same, according to Rochelle Goldberg, MD, President of the American Sleep Apnea Society: “tissue vibration as air forces through your airway.” In other words, snoring happens when air cannot flow freely through your airway when you sleep.

Snoring Implications

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You might think of snoring as a mere nuisance, but, in many cases, it is more. Snoring can have both social and health ramifications. So, if you snore, there is every reason for you to want to stop.

When you snore, you affect not only your sleep but the sleep of your sleeping partner as well. Research shows that when you snore, you wake your sleeping partner more than twenty times an hour, which severely cuts into their restfulness. In many cases, partners of snorers are forced to sleep in separate rooms. Sleeping separately creates lack of intimacy and strains the relationship. This alone should motivate snorers to seek help.

The Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

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Why is a good night’s sleep so important? Few things make you feel better than a great nightly slumber: you wake up refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of your day.  But do you know why this is?  Because during sleep your memory is enhanced.  In fact, you are more likely to perform better on an exam after a good night’s sleep versus pulling an all-nighter.