How To Stop Snoring Naturally With H20

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Wondering how to stop snoring naturally? One simple way to help a snoring problem is to start hydrating.

Water plays a vital role in making our bodies function normally. Water promotes proper digestion, elimination, detoxification and temperature control. What is not as well known about water is that it can help you stop snoring naturally. Many people snore because they are dehydrated. They have a dry mouth and dry throat, both of which can cause a snoring problem. The simple cure is to drink more water.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Coupled With Snoring Linked To Heart Problems

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Some snoring is explained by nasal congestion or enlarged tonsils or adnoids. An important condition that may be associated with snoring is Obstructive Sleep Apnea when there is obstruction to airflow due to collapse of the walls of the pharynx (throat) during sleep. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) may already be present or develop in snorers especially with weight gain. Increasing age, male sex, smoking, hereditary factors, cranial abnormalities and diabetes are some risk factors of OSA. This condition is suspected in snorers who complain of daytime fatigue or poor concentration. OSA may affect as many as 15 million adults. 2-9% of the population may have symptoms attributable to OSA.

Snoring And Your Health

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Snoring is often viewed as a comic nuisance. Anna Jones complains of her husband’s snoring keeping her awake at nights. Anna’s children will laugh at Grandpa Ernie snoring away while napping on the sofa. And so on. But if you are the one who’s kept awake at night by your partner’s snoring, you would not consider it a laughing matter. You’re much more likely to be angry. The truth is snoring is obnoxious with many adverse health effects. Interested to know more? Then read on for some snoring causes and treatmens: