Sleep Apnea

Written by Manny Erlich on August 2, 2012. Posted in Health Effects of Snoring, Snoring 101

Sleep apnea is more common in men and people who are overweight or drink or smoke, common causes for high blood pressure and respiratory problems.

Sleep apnea won’t go away on its own.  Left untreated, it may have serious consequences for your health and well being. 

Sleep apnea is usually diagnosed through sleep studies.  Once diagnosed it may be successfully treated by a variety of methods.  Treatment may be as simple as going on a weight loss diet to using a specialized sleep mask that applies pressure to the airway.  Sleep apnea caused by ear-nose-throat conditions may be treated (depending on the severity of the condition) with medicines or minor surgical procedures, such as removal of tonsils and/or adenoids.

So, if you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnea or are told by your sleeping partner that you do, don’t wait,  call your doctor or dentist.  Remember, sleep apnea may be serious, but it can be treated.

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