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Stop Snoring Devices, Solutions for You

The purpose of using stop snoring devices is to reduce or eliminate snoring. This will ultimately improve sleep quality and increase the number of quality hours you and your bed partner will get on a regular basis. Many people will try a variety of stop snoring aids before finding the best solution for them. Sometimes a combination of devices turns out to provide the best anti-snoring protection,; therefore everyone’s solution will differ. Check the stop snoring devices list below for a breakdown of some of the most common solutions out there today.

The Most Common Stop Snoring Aids and Devices

Internal Nasal Dilators are inserted into your nostrils and are designed to open clogged nasal passages making breathing easier. Internal nasal dilators will help stop snoring if the cause is nasal resistance. Internal nasal dilators are not effective with people who are obese or whose airways are obstructed.

External Nasal Dilators (Nasal Strips) are very popular stop snoring devices, but are only designed to combat the least common cause of snoring, a clogged nasal passage. Nasal strips will not stop snoring caused by an obstructed airway caused by a pushed back tongue or a soft palate situated in the back of the throat. Nasal dilators work best if your nostrils tend to collapse.

Stop snoring devices: Throat Sprays claim to keep the throat moist to relieve snoring caused by dry throat tissue. Their effectiveness is questionable because lubricating and relaxing throat muscles generally do not remedy snoring.

Oral appliances are stop snoring devices fitted for your mouth to help open your airways. This is achieved by moving the lower jaw forward. Oral appliances can also be used to change the position of the tongue or soft palate. If other treatments did not prove successful then you may want to try using an oral appliance. Although oral appliances can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy or online, it is suggested that you seek a trained dentist to prepare a fitted oral appliance for your mouth. The (dentist) fitted oral appliance will cost significantly more than it’s over the counter counterpart and is generally more effective.

Anti-snore pillows are designed to help align your jaw and neck during sleep and prevent your tongue from moving backwards to obstruct your airways. Some of these stop snoring aids are designed to promote sleeping on your side.

CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) Therapy is the most commonly doctor recommended treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea. CPAP involves the use of a machine to blow a continuous stream of air into your airway passages to keep them open and avoid episodes of sleep apnea.

Surgical procedure options are the best solutions for some people. A medical doctor trained in treating sleep related breathing disorders is generally able to discuss the various procedures and recommend the best solution to help stop the snoring. Finding a stop snoring solution will take some trial and error. The key is to be patient in your pursuit and open to trying a variety of solutions. Visit our Stop Snoring Videos section to see a visual demonstration of some of the snoring aids listed above.


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