Why Do Dogs Snore?

Written by Manny Erlich on April 16, 2012. Posted in Snoring 101, Why Do We Snore?

If you have ever said “My dog snores so loud and I don’t know how to make him stop!” than you are certainly not alone. Followers of MySnoreWorld are always asking us, why do dogs snore? Well we’ve got the 4-1-1 on why your dog sounds more like a foghorn than an animal.




It’s no wonder that dogs are said to be man’s best friends. Not only are dogs our trusted and loyal companions they share a common sleeping disorder, they snore too. Just like people do, dogs snore because of blockage to their upper airways during sleep. And just as the self-help at home remedies that help reduce or eliminate our own snoring, the same remedies may have similar effects on our dogs snoring too.


1. Being Overweight- if you’re able to see your dog’s waistline when looking down at him/her, your dog is overweight. Excess tissue reduces the opening of the dog’s upper airways causing the snoring sound.

2. Having a Fat Face– dogs with a short muzzle syndrome are more likely to snore because of abnormalities in their noses and airways. Breeds commonly known to have this condition are Pekinese, Boxers, Pugs and Terriers. These breeds are also more likely to experience nasal infections than longer nosed breeds.

3. Nasal Congestion– just as we are likely to snore when our noses are clogged, dogs will likely snore when their noses are clogged. Airways blocked because of a cold or allergies can induce snoring.

4. Use of Muscle Relaxers- having your dog take pain medicine that relaxes his/her muscles can result in blocked airways and induce dog snoring.

5. Sleep Position– dogs too tend to snore when they sleep on their backs. Veterinarians suggest buying round beds for your dogs to encourage them to sleep on their sides to help reduce or eliminate their snoring.

If after trying to treat these conditions you’re still saying “Help, my dog snores!”, it may be time to visit a veterinarian. If the issue is excess weight, the veterinarian will most likely recommend a diet with special foods.

Simply wondering why do dogs snore is not going to get your pet to stop making loud noises during sleep-time. If your dog snores at night and during every naptime it may actually be worsening his health. If you feel your dog’s snoring or breathing sound is excessive and, your dog appears to be gasping for air during sleep, contact a veterinarian and schedule an evaluation.

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