Sleep Disorders Have a Greater Effect on Your Health Than You Think!

Written by Manny Erlich on May 30, 2012. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Everyone loves getting a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately it’s not always possible for everyone to do so. Sleep disorders affect many, many people for the short and long term. Sleep disorders can make you grumpy and feel bad, but they also have some very serious effects on your health.

We’ve put together this short list of some article summaries all about sleep disorders. Here are a few of our favorite and most helpful:


Sleep Apnea is a Sleep Disorder

One of the most common sleep disorders is sleep apnea. If you’re curious about sleep apnea, you can read our article titled, What is Sleep Apnea and Do I Have It? We cover how sleep apnea effects daily life, who is most likely to experience the symptoms of sleep apnea and what are the more severe sleep apnea symptoms that you should be looking out for.

Sleep Deprivation is more serious than you think

Another sleep disorder is sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation may not seem that serious to most people because chances are that everyone has experienced it at one point or another. After all, sleep deprivation can happen after missing a few REM cycles for a night or two. Some people experience sleep deprivation for weeks, months and even years. If you are constantly suffering from sleep deprivation, you could be seriously affecting your health. Read our article, The Serious Effects of Sleep Deprivation to learn more about what the consequences are and what you can do to stop it.

In contrast to the serious effects of sleep deprivation, we’ve also gathered some information on why a good night’s sleep is so good for you. Of course a good night’s sleep makes you more alert but did you know that it enhances brain connection? Read our article The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep to learn more.

Always Sleepy? Participate in a Sleep Study

There’s no need to live with a sleep disorder. Did you know that you could sign up for a sleep study to get diagnosed? It’s like sleeping in a hotel for a night (although you will have electrodes stuck all along your body) but the next day you’ll get some results that tell you exactly what sleep disorder is causing your sleep deprivation. We’ll explain more in our article called, Always Sleepy? Sleep Studies Can Help You Figure Out Your Sleep Deprivation.

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