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How To Stop Snoring Naturally: Reduce Or Eliminate Your Snoring with Natural Solutions

Eliminating snoring is a common goal for millions of people; many snorers look for a quick solution. However, there are many natural snoring remedies and many people can learn how to stop snoring naturally by following some basic guidelines. For some, it’s easier to prevent snoring with basic changes to their daily routines rather than finding treatment. There are many ways to prevent snoring; some include changes to one’s sleeping habits, exercise routines, and nutritional intake.

Home Remedies for Snoring: Are They For You?

There are thousands of snoring and sleep related products in the market, and some of these devices have helped people put an end to their snoring. Before you look to one of these snoring devices as an answer, consider making some of the lifestyle changes mentioned above. Just changing your sleeping position or engaging in daily exercise may prevent you from snoring. Natural snoring remedies will bring about different results for each individual, so try different methods and adjust according to your results. If you have read our articles about how to stop snoring naturally, made the lifestyle changes, tested out our snoring remedies and products and you still aren’t able to fully eliminate snoring, then you may consider visiting a snoring specialist.

Articles on Natural and Home Remedies

Can Singing Be a Remedy for Snoring?

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Natural and Home Remedies


Throughout time there have been countless remedies for snoring however those who suffer from snoring still toss and turn night after night. ABC News points out that “snoring affects an estimated quarter to half of Americans.” Singing, the vocal exercise that typically generates wonderful sounds, is now being touted as a new cure for snoring. According to the Smithsonian article in January 2014, “The Cure For Snoring Is…Singing?,” vocal exercises used by singers have shown they can reduce snoring. Could singing in the shower or before bed time be the best medicine for snoring victims and their bed mates?

“Singing for Snorers”

Snoring is an illness that is bothersome at best, and it can have deadly consequences in terms of sleep apnea sufferers. However, thanks to choir director Alise Ojay, who was tired of hearing her husband Frank snore the nights away, there is now a promise in the field of music for treatment of snoring. In 1997 Ojay invented a revolutionary new music focus method called “Singing for Snorers,” which features a CD of vocal gymnastics. Particular sounds and pitch changes are practiced by snorers as a way to develop and strengthen their throat muscles. Ojay used the premise that the soft palate was too lax and allowing for loud vibrations, aka snores, to come out with every breath. By toning the palate the goal is to limit the amount of air breathed into the snorer’s passageway, thereby cutting back on the sounds of snores.

Other Remedies for Snoring

While “Singing for Snorers” uses exercises for internal muscles to reduce snoring, other remedies for snoring have been on the market for years. Breathing strips that look like thin strips of masking tape are applied to the outside of the nostrils to help hold them open during night. There are also sleep apnea machines that help patients with extreme snoring symptoms to get enough oxygen throughout the night, so to reduce the instance of snoring as well as sleep apnea.

Other remedies include sprays and washes that intend to expand the passageway of the nostrils, yet these typically come with warnings recommending not to use these nightly. While singing is one goal for treating a floppy palate, if this isn’t effective, the road to recovery doesn’t end quite yet. More severe treatment plans for a floppy palate as it relates to snoring is through laser surgery involving burning or cutting away from excessive skin. Before you resort, however, to such extreme measures, why not give “Singing for Snorers” a chance? At the very least, you may improve your singing abilities.


Self-Help Remedies To Prevent A Snoring Problem

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Got a snoring problem? Lots of people snore, that’s for sure. New research shows that 45 percent of men and 30 percent of women share this obnoxious affliction. It’s one of the most misunderstood physiological conditions that plagues our bodies. And with everyone on the internet sharing their parent’s home remedies, it gets pretty tricky to find the truth among all those opinions. What worked for your partner might not work for you. Learing how to stop snoring requires an individual approach tailored specifically for YOU and YOUR body. Therea are several stop snoring devices that may work for you and only you.

Smile Your Sleep Apnea Away

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Natural and Home Remedies, Snoring 101

Here is something that might make you smile: New research shows sleep apnea sufferers may find some relief by exercising their lips, tongue and mouth

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that requires medical treatment. Most loud snorers are never fully rested because they experience abnormal pauses in breathing that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Each of these breaks in breathing awakes the snorer. The condition is known to increase the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and daytime sleepiness.


Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Natural and Home Remedies, Snoring 101

Stop Snoring Devices, Solutions for You

The purpose of using stop snoring devices is to reduce or eliminate snoring. This will ultimately improve sleep quality and increase the number of quality hours you and your bed partner will get on a regular basis. Many people will try a variety of stop snoring aids before finding the best solution for them. Sometimes a combination of devices turns out to provide the best anti-snoring protection,; therefore everyone’s solution will differ. Check the stop snoring devices list below for a breakdown of some of the most common solutions out there today.