Is Snoring Ruining Your Sex Life?

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Snoring may be the butt of many light-hearted jokes, but those who suffer the consequences of loud and excessive snoring know it’s more than a silly nuisance. Severe snoring, like the kind associated with sleep apnea, can break up a relationship, or at least send it to separate rooms. In an article for WebMD, Dr. Andrew L Riles states that the connection between snoring and a lack of intimacy is clear, but treatments can help.

Sex and Snoring

The obvious obstacle to a great sex life is sleeping in separate rooms. If snoring has driven the couple apart in the name of a good night’s sleep, keeping the fires of sexual intimacy flamed is naturally going to be more difficult. However, the relationship between snoring and your sex life is more complex than the sleeping arrangement:

  • Snoring caused by sleep apnea can leave the snorer chronically tired due to oxygen deprivation through the night
  • The partner of the snorer may suffer from sleep deprivation and be too tired to enjoy healthy sexual relations at the end of the day
  • Males with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) may actually produce less testosterone according to sleep expert and surgeon Dr. Paulose
  • Medications for high blood pressure and other ailments caused by sleep apnea may reduce sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction in men
  • The stress that snoring places on a relationship may lead to depression or resentment for one or both partners, making emotional intimacy more difficult

Make the Fireworks Fly

There are several steps you can take to resolve the problems associated with snoring, and get your sexual relationship back on track. Start with a medical evaluation, including a sleep study. A CPAP mask may be the best treatment for patients who’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea. According to research cited by WebMD, sleep apnea patients treated with CPAP noticed a decrease in daytime fatigue and an increase in sexual energy.

Other solutions include weight loss, avoiding alcohol and other sedatives, smoking cessation, sleeping on your side and using a more supportive pillow.

A great sex life isn’t the only reason to seek treatment to stop your snoring. New studies by researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital have found a connection between snoring and cardiovascular disease. Snoring and sleep apnea cannot only ruin your life, left untreated they can ruin your health.

How to Design a Sleep Friendly Home

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Creating the most sleep friendly environment possible is critical for those who suffer from the effects of snoring. If you are a snorer or the loved one of a snorer, here are some tips to consider for creating a sleep friendly situation in your home.


You may think that complete silence would be ideal for sleeping but according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), that is not true. Many people used to living in a noisy city would find it difficult to sleep in the silence of the country. Others may actually sleep better with a radio playing softly or with the ticking of a familiar clock. Others can benefit from the white noise of a fan or a specific white noise creating device.


Creating a sleep friendly environment for someone who sleeps at least partially during daylight hours can be enhanced with blackened blinds, shades or curtains. This is an investment that is well worth the cost.

Room Temperature

The NSF says that most people sleep best in temperatures between 54 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts say that cooler temperatures in a room can greatly enhance sleep. A window or ceiling fan could provide both cooler temperatures and ambient noise.

Getting Comfortable

Take time to try out different mattresses, anti snoring pillows and sheet and comforter sets. Many people use the same pillow for years without even knowing that could be part of the problem. You’ll also want to assure your mattress size is large enough to comfortably accommodate those who will be using it.

Use the Right Colors in Your Bedroom

The U.K.’s Daily Mail had a recent article on the effects of color on sleep, and found that those with blue bedrooms generally got a better night’s sleep. Since the color purple tends to stir creativity and the imagination, it was judged as the least likely choice for a solid night’s rest.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Using ancient Feng Shui principles in arranging your bedroom may offer comfort. Those include putting your headboard against a solid wall away from the door. It also includes utilizing rounded edges to soften the room. Feng Shui promoters would also encourage limiting clutter in your sleeping area.

You can create a friendlier sleep environment but it will take some time and effort. Finding the right combination can provide the new level of sleep you may be longing for.


Can Snoring Ruin A Relationship?

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How Your Partner’s Snoring Can Be Solved

Don’t let snoring destroy your relationship when everything about your partner is all you ever dreamed of in someone. Work together to put your snoring spouse or partner to bed. Use this moment to strengthen your bond and connection. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Be patient and sensitive; your partner is likely feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.

The Dangers of Snoring During Pregnancy

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1_snoring-during-pregnancyFrom Preeclampsia to Sleep Apnea

Pregnancy and the anticipation of a new baby girl or boy is one of the most exciting times you’ll ever experience in your life. At the same time, lots of physiological changes occur and we all know how important it is to maintain good health during pregnancy.

 There are thousands of books, doctors, nurses and other experts willing to give their advice on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. But I’ll tell you what I find slightly short of amazing. There is one topic that is hardly ever mentioned – and, it can have devastating effects on your health as well as your baby’s. Snoring during pregnancy! We’ve talked about this before, but it’s an important topic that we don’t think gets enough attention.

What to Do if Your Roommate Snores?

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Have a Snoring Roommate?

Anticipation and excitement fills the air as you’re headed away to college for your freshmen year. There are a million in one questions floating around inside your head; with “What to do if your roommate snores?” most likely not being one of them. Remember all the forms and questions you or your children had to fill out when choosing a matching roommate? Are you a night person or a morning person? Are you messy or neat? There are questions on everything ranging from study habits, to music, to food and even sexual behavior. You know the one question that’s almost always overlooked? Do you snore?

Snoring and Sex: Stop Your Loud Snoring and Get Lucky!

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venus and mars symbols - red

Pretty simple concept, right?  Stop your loud snoring and you might get lucky.

Yes, you might actually improve your sex life.  After all, who wants to be sleeping with a snoring partner? Like you need me to tell you that snoring and sex lives are directly related?  My guess is: if you snore, then you already know the answer.

More and more couples are finding themselves sleeping in separate rooms all the time.  Why?  Because one of them is the snoring partner. Sleeping in separate rooms does not exactly lead to an intimate sex life – or sex at all, for that matter.