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Written by Manny Erlich on August 2, 2012. Posted in Natural and Home Remedies, Snoring 101

Snoring is a common problem that afflicts about half the adult population and many children according to latest medical research findings. The problem is more common in men and people who are overweight or smoke. Below are some well-known causes of snoring and the recommended cures for them.

Causes of Snoring

During sleep, the muscles in your tongue and soft palate relax and collapse obstructing your breathing passage causing snoring. Other soft tissues like tonsils also can obstruct your breathing. Your sleeping position may also be the culprit. If you sleep on your back, your tongue falls backward toward your throat blocking your airway and causing you to snore. In fact, anything that obstructs your airway may contribute to your snoring. Large adenoids or oversized tongue and tonsils are common causes of snoring, especially in children. Alcohol consumption, smoking, allergies and some medicines may also contribute to snoring.


The following are some simple lifestyle changes that are most effective in treating snoring:

  • Change your sleeping position from back to side. Sleeping on your side will stop your tongue from collapsing into your throat and obstructing your breathing.
  • If you’re overweight, losing weight may reduce the intensity of your snoring.
  • Sleeping pills and alcohol suppress your breathing and may cause snoring. Reduce alcohol consumption and/or sleeping medicines.
  • Deep breathing exercises help relieve nasal congestion, a common cause of snoring. Use steam inhalation before bedtime to clear nasal congestion. Here’s how: Add 5 drops of essential oil like peppermint or lavender into a bowl of steaming (not scorching hot) water. Drape a towel over your head and lower your face over the bowl. Make sure to close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • Reduce eating dairy products, chocolate, fried foods, frozen foods, pizza and some baked goods, such as cookies, and the like, as these have been shown to cause congestion in some people.
  • Using thyme, horseradish, scallions, onions, garlic, leeks, seaweed and mustard may help reduce congestion.

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