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Snoring isn't fun and it affects millions of people. We thought we'd share information to help you understand what causes snoring and how you might minimize or eliminate snoring. This site is about you--we're just the organizers. So please come often, read, share, learn and sleep better.

The Curb Your Snoring Recipe Of The Month – Roasted Root Vegetables

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Natural Snoring Remedies


This was a guest post written by Sharon Goldner from Recipe For A Healthy Life

Almost everyone craves sweets, and many people gain weight as a result of consuming too much white sugar in their foods. A healthy and enjoyable way to reduce sugar cravings and lose weight is to add naturally sweet foods like root vegetables to the daily diet.

Why Every CPAP User Must Own A CPAP Battery Backup

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Do You Need A CPAP Battery Backup For Your CPAP?


I’ve often wondered what happens when CPAP users suddenly lose power in the middle of the night.  Whether it’s the usual power outage, or one of those “once a century” storms that seem to be occurring with surprising frequency (e.g. Hurricane Irene; Sandy), CPAP users must be prepared. During prolonged power outages, most CPAP users were without power and did not have a CPAP battery backup option. Even those prepared with generators were probably hesitant to power their CPAP devices, as they may have needed power for other purposes.

Five Strategies For Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties To Control Your Snoring

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, How To Stop Snoring

Weight Loss And Snoring: Control Both This Holiday Season

Holiday partying is predictable: delicious food, stimulating conversation, lots of fun, and a few extra pounds.  Must there be consequences?  Besides the likely weight gain, you may find yourself starting to snore or snoring more intently. Weight loss and snoring go hand-in-hand. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle hinder breathing, making weight loss during holidays a smart personal goal. Below are some 5 simple strategies for enjoying your holiday parties and avoiding the extra pounds and snores.

The Hazards Of Your Toddler Snoring

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Sleep Disorders

Snoring In Children Is A Cause For Concern


With many new parents overwhelmed with the myriad of parenting responsibilities, snoring may sometimes be overlooked. While your toddler snoring may seem quite harmless, the possible effects are quite alarming. Unresolved snoring issues will affect your child as they grow up and start schooling. Many times the lack of healthy sleep will cause your child to be inattentive, disruptive, and this often results in misdiagnosis of having ADHD.  In fact, your child may have a sleeping disorder affecting his/her behavior and can lead to longer term issues.

Hurricane Sandy Evacuees Lack Natural Snoring Remedies

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, In The News

Natural Snoring Remedies Needed During Natural Disaster


When Hurricane Sandy’s devastating blows struck, many people were forced into shelters, gymnasiums, and evacuation centers. Large groups of people lived and slept together for several days.  For those stuck in such turmoil, sleep was the last thing on anybody’s mind and it was even harder to achieve because of all of the snorers packed into the same room.

‘Tackle Sleep Apnea’: NFL Greats Come Together to Raise Awareness

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, In The News

NFL players are coming together to increase the visibility of a common and very serious chronic sleeping disorder — obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Healthy Living Foundation reports that sleep apnea affects nearly 20 million people in the U.S. and is often found in men with large body mass; however, people of all shapes and sizes are at risk. That’s why the “Tackle Sleep Apnea” team pairs NFL greats with dental icon David Gergen and Sleep Group Solutions to raise awareness through sharing personal experiences that educate people on the importance of being tested for the condition.

Do Nasal Strips Work for Most People?

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Stop Snoring Product Spotlight

Using Nasal Strips to Help Control Your Snoring


All athletes look for a competitive edge. While most professional football players use eye black to help block glare, some use it solely for intimidation purposes. However, many players are now utilizing a very helpful product – nasal strips. Although less intimidating, more and more players in the NFL seem to be wearing them. Many onlookers are probably wondering do nasal strips work, and what do they actually do.

What to Do if Your Roommate Snores?

Written by Manny Erlich. Posted in Blog, Helping Your Snoring Spouse

Have a Snoring Roommate?

Anticipation and excitement fills the air as you’re headed away to college for your freshmen year. There are a million in one questions floating around inside your head; with “What to do if your roommate snores?” most likely not being one of them. Remember all the forms and questions you or your children had to fill out when choosing a matching roommate? Are you a night person or a morning person? Are you messy or neat? There are questions on everything ranging from study habits, to music, to food and even sexual behavior. You know the one question that’s almost always overlooked? Do you snore?